Cree Nation of Mitissini

The traditional territory of the Cree Nation of Mistissini is the home of the largest fresh water lake in Quebec!


Long before the arrival of the European settlers, Mistissini Crees were surrounded by the forests, lakes and the streams of North Central Quebec.

For centuries, resources held within the Cree traditional territory have provided the staples for economic and cultural subsistence: fur, fish, and game.

Hunting, gathering, fishing and trapping have been and still are a major part of Cree seasonal pursuits. The land is the classroom where Cree teachings have been handed down  for generations and many of these traditions continue today.

Mistissini is Cree for “big rock” and was formerly referred to as Mistassini or Baie du Poste. In the 1800s development began with the establishment of a Hudson Bay Company fur trading post in the community. This development accelerated  growth throughout the 1900s and in 1975 the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement was signed.

The agreement was the beginning of a series of hydro electric projects that impacted many Cree families. In recent years,  Mistissini has expanded into a vibrant community of 3,500 Cree, English and French speakers and is growing every year. The Mistissini Crees cherish their rich cultural heritage that is vital to a strong future.

The Cree language is spoken often in this region, and Cree syllabary is in use throughout the community.

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We are based in Mistissini Quebec and have offices located at 200 Sam Awashish Street in Mistissini and Kilometer marker 510 on Route 167 North to the Otish Mountains.

Mistay Enterprises Inc., is a Cree company based in Mistissini Quebec Canada.  we are a local company that supports businesses present in the region to build stronger ties and better services for the visitors of the traditional lands of the Cree Nation.

We provide top quality camp services in the community of Mistissini and the Otish mountains.

COMFORTS OF HOME CONVENIENCE OF A HOTEL, Mistay provides you with the flexibility to only pay for rooms booked, which eliminates the upfront costs, maintenance and liabilities that come with owning and operating your own facility. For a reasonable rate, we offer all the comforts of home, with all the conveniences of a hotel.

We are the bridge for workers, explorers and adventurers seeking comfortable lodging and superior meals in the Cree traditional territory of Mistissini.

Please contact us to arrange your stay

01. Your safety is our No. 1 concern

All our facilities meet the highest standards for safety in Quebec and Canada. Our staff are there insure that  information about safety regulations and  the surrounding Cree territory is properly communicated to you. We take your safety seriously. Cree guiding services are available upon request for excursions to the Otish Mountains. You can view all our certifications and licenses in our office at anytime. Just ask, and we'll review them with you.


02. We guarantee your stay with us will be comfortable!

When you stay at one of our camps, you become part of our family. We want you to be happy with every part of the your visit, from the beginning till you visit again. It is our goal to make sure that, no matter if it's work or play, you are comfortable and ready to meet the day.


03. You will like our food.

Good food is the backbone of our service. Guest need to have excellent food when they are away from home, because good food makes people happy. Adventure, play and work make people hungry and we understand that.

We have developed our cooks alongside professionals in culinary arts and have produce a great line up of hardy meals that we prepare from scratch with fresh ingredients. We believe good fresh ingredients prepared with skill makes great tasting food; and it's good for you. 

Our kitchens have been designed and set up to provide our clients with excellent food on time, all the time.

​04.​ ​Communications.

Communications are essential aspects of our daily lives and is key to ensuring clients have the ability to stay connected if they so chose or is necessary. Our camps are fully equipped with high speed wireless internet, telephone, and television.